Top 10 Cheap but Exciting Holiday Destinations

It’s been said that to awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world. Travel broadens mind, and if done after a thorough planning, it needn’t be expensive.

Here, we bring you the top 10 travel destinations that you can explore and discover on a budget.

1. Kansas City, MO

One of the largest cities of Midwest, Kansas doesn’t appear in the travel itinerary of most tourists. The city, which reportedly has boulevards that put Paris to second and most number of fountains in the world except than Rome, tends to hide itself from tourists. The most surprising thing about Kansas City is that the hotels kept their prices same for years, with the average summer rate of $135. Sightseeing also remains of value as three of the city’s main art museums, as well as two exciting factory-style tours (the Boulevard Brewing Company and the Hallmark Visitors Center) are free for all. And as if that wasn’t enough, the city lets you save some bucks over eating as well, with average meals at a budgeted place ranging between just $5 – $10.99.

2. Washington, D.C

Home to the presidents, memorials, monuments, Democrats, Republicans and the Supreme Court is not only trendy, but is also cheaper than ever. It offers tours to a host of interesting neighborhoods, traditional sites and Smithsonian museums free of cost. The evenings can be made interesting by visiting city’s many hip bars before catching a live performance at the Kennedy Center. Washington also has a reliable and vastly-extended public transportation system that connects all the corners of the city and lets you commute easily without the hassle of finding your way through its overly-congested streets.

3. Boston, MA

A favorite of budget travelers, especially the young, in Boston you can get to book a dorm bed for $15. Getting there, especially if you are flying, may cost you but cheap food and accommodations, and stacks of free places to go to, this is easily one of the best cities to go on a budget. From Quincy Market (a trendy destination that will get you gain familiarity with both the distinctive style and layout of this historic city), Fenway Park (a baseball park serving as home to the Boston Red Sox since 1912), free walking tours (of elite colleges like Harvard, MIT and the famed Berklee College of Music) to visit to city’s majestic aquariums and the recreational activity of the famous Boston Tea Party, you’ll love to spend a weekend here.

4. Nashville, TN

Tourists love friendly Nashville for its lovely (and affordable) food scene. Burgers, cafés and microbrews, and you are all set for a day. Visiting Nashville, can cost you as low as $50-$70 a day. That’s if you choose a budget accommodation and eat only the local food. Checking online well in advance can also get you a seat for free at the legendary Bluebird Café.

5. Seattle, WA

The laid back attitude, plenty of history, aromatic coffee, and diverse on-the-road-entertainment scene more than makes up for its consistently cloudy city. It rests between Puget Sound and Lake Washington and is surrounded by water from most sides, making it a favorite in the cheap outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and camping. To save money in Seattle, never rent a car from the airport as it charges an exorbitant airport rental surcharge. Save on dining by visiting downtown. Also, if you can, carry extra change for the street performers singing for their supper and entertaining tourists round the clock.

Like our list? You know a budget city we can add to it? Let us know, and who knows – we might include your suggestion, and your name along with it!

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